Lawn irrigation system that

waters at the root zone ( aka Subsurface Irrigation)

Finally you can enjoy an even green lawn while using 60% less water than sprinklers. Use your lawn 24/7 with no wet feet and yes... you can use Ezi mat to irrigate your lawn with grey water.


So... why Ezi Mat?


Use lawn instantly

Underground watering means the grass is never wet above - 24/7 use!

60% Less


Water for as little as 15 minutes 2x times a week! - Seriously

Even Green


Because the mat evenly distributes water your lawn will be uniformly green

Direct Root Watering

Roots grow through the Ezi Mat watering system so you are directly watering at the root zone 

Grey water use

Compatible with grey water treatment systems


Weed Growth

Doubles as a weed mat on slopes preventing weeds from growing up from the subsoil


How does it work?


1 min


Are there any complications?


How much does it cost?


* Trade Pricing Available

Are there any



What happens if I puncture the mat?

If you know you’ve punctured the mat, not to worry, just locate the affected area. Usually the grass is greener in a concentrated area due to a slow leak. Dig down to the mat, cut the affected line and apply a drip tape joiner - problem solved! The Ezi Mat only turns on for short periods of time so your leak will not damage your lawn. Ezi Mat is the easiest under lawn irrigation system you'll come across.

Do grass roots grow through the mat?

Absolutely, grass roots grow through the mat. In fact, this strengthens the lawn and allows you to directly inject liquid fertilizer into the root zone. Pretty cool.

I have dogs and they dig...

Dogs will dig down and be dissatisfied then give up. We have observed this in testing and found the tough woven material used with Ezi Mat is too much of a barrier for them to break through.

I’ve got multiple zones, how would Ezi Mat be installed?

Just like sprinklers have multiple zones operated from a control box, Ezi Mat works in the same way. Simply install Ezi Mat in the desired area, connect the zone with a solenoid to the controller box and independently control that Ezi Mat Zone. If you need further information call technical support on 1300 394 628

What is the lifespan of Ezi Mat?

The Ezi Mat subsurface drip irrigation system can exceed 30+ years of life. Regular flushing of lines every 6 months would be advised to keep Ezi Mat functioning to its full potential.

Did you know

Ezi Mat is 100%

Australian made?


Does it really 



- Yes.

before ezimat.JPG
After ezimat.JPG

Experience even, green uniformity across your lawn


PS. No striping will occur 


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What's the warranty?


A two year warranty on Ezi Mat is applicable for the mat and the assembled take-offs in case of malfunction. The warranty does not cover damage to the mat or assembled take-offs by the user.  


Ezi Mat acknowledges & complies with requirements under the Australian Consumer Law

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