Lawn irrigation system that

waters at the root zone ( aka Subsurface Irrigation)

Finally you can enjoy an even green lawn while using 60% less water than sprinklers. Use your lawn 24/7 with no wet feet and yes... you can use Ezi mat to irrigate your lawn with grey water.


So... why Ezi Mat?


Use lawn instantly

Underground watering means the grass is never wet above - 24/7 use!

60% Less


Water for as little as 15 minutes 2x times a week! - Seriously

Even Green


Because the mat evenly distributes water your lawn will be uniformly green

Direct Root Watering

Roots grow through the Ezi Mat watering system so you are directly watering at the root zone 

Grey water use

Compatible with grey water treatment systems


Weed Growth

Doubles as a weed mat on slopes preventing weeds from growing up from the subsoil


How does it work?


1 min


Are there any complications?


How much does it cost?


* Trade Pricing Available

Are there any



Who Is Not Suitable

Anyone who:

  • Is hypersensitive to ingredients including hyaluronic acid, lidocaine, amide-type local anaesthetics and strep type-A gram-positive bacterial proteins 
  • Currently has an active skin infection, cold sores, sunburn, eczema, psoriasis or a healing wound
  • Currently has concurrent febrile status (e.g. flu, cold, sinusitis, UTI)
  • Has had major dental work in the past four weeks, or scheduled in the next four weeks
  • Has a history of hypertrophic scarring
  • Is pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Is under 18 years of age
  • Has had a rhinoplasty. In this instance, the client will need written authorisation from their treating surgeon

If you are unsure, please contact our clinic.

What Are The Risks

There are the common risks, which are swelling and bruising, which occur with a high proportion of treatments. Whenever the skin is penetrated by a needle there is a risk of infection. The rare but important risks include vascular occlusion, nodules and blindness.

after care

After your appointment

  • Continue using arnica for up to 5 days post-treatment to reduce any swelling, bruising or discomfort
  • Avoid excessive activity or bending forward for prolonged periods for at least 24 hours
  • If possible, refrain from applying makeup near the injection sites
  • Use ice to help combat any swelling or discomfort
  • Staying hydrated and protecting your skin from the sun can help to prolong the results of your dermal fillers
Preserve Results with Dermal Filler Aftercare Injectable treatments like dermal fillers are often known as lunchtime treatments, because of their simple, fast, and virtually painless application. Unlike cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, most patients will be free to leave the facility immediately after treatment with little to no side effects. It is important to remember that, despite there being little to no downtime needed to recover from fillers, dermal filler aftercare instructions should be followed to help maximize your results.

Did you know

Ezi Mat is 100%

Australian made?


Does it really 



- Yes.

before ezimat.JPG
After ezimat.JPG

Experience even, green uniformity across your lawn


PS. No striping will occur 


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What's the warranty?


A two year warranty on Ezi Mat is applicable for the mat and the assembled take-offs in case of malfunction. The warranty does not cover damage to the mat or assembled take-offs by the user.  


Ezi Mat acknowledges & complies with requirements under the Australian Consumer Law

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