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How to install Ezi Mat

Step 1

Prepare the area where you wish to lay the lawn.

Step 2

Using the 25mm poly pipe, pick your header and footer location, dig a shallow trench so that the Ezi Mat fittings will be flush with the ground.

Step 3

Locate where to drill or puncture the holes to  plug in the take offs that connect the irrigation line to the header and footer pipes. Do this  by lining up the Ezi Mat with the header and footer pipe so you can see exactly where the holes need to be. Using a hole puncture tool or drill bit, drill holes into the header pipe.

Step 4

Snap on the fittings to the header and footer pipes then slide Ezi Mats water tubing onto the fittings barb and screw tightly ( To avoid leakages, make sure you have slid the tubing over the barb completely and screwed it tightly using your fingers.)

Step 5

Roll out the next Ezi Mat portion and repeat the fitting installation.

Step 6

Identify the low point on your prepared area and install the gate valve (back valve) this is so the water can drain out when you need to flush out the system. Please note: A plastic ratchet clamp should be used with every barbed fitting to avoid dripping.

Step 7

Plug all the remaining ends up using a poly end plug.

Step 8

Install the check valve followed by the smart water timer and pressure reducer to the tap. It is recommended to use plumbing tape for all threads to reduce any dripping.

Step 9

Connect the tap fittings to the header. You may need an elbow fitting to do this.

Step 10

Apply 60mm + soil and lay the turf. Remember to turn Ezi Mat on for 10 min every 2 days even when establishing your turf with a hose sprinkler. With Ezi Mat turned on, the new turf roots will be attracted to Ezi Mat due to the moisture it is emitting.


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